Exclusionary Vehicle Service Contracts, Designed For Insurance Agents and Their Clients

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We are glad you made it here! What is AutoGard you ask? What is the opportunity?

Let us summarize it for you.

47% of automobile insurance customers in your agency will purchase an Extended Warranty for their automobile through dealers. Dealership Extended Warranties are almost always marked up an extra $1000 or more, to make up for the lack of profit made by the dealership on the actual vehicle itself. AutoGard designed our product because we see the opportunity. AutoGard simply provides you, their insurance agent with a better product at a better price for a vehicle service contract (extended warranty).


AutoGard believes that your customers would rather purchase this Extended Warranty through their trusted advisor whom they have a relationship with, it’s that simple. How is it sold, well to make It super simple for your agency all you have to do is ask your customer if they purchased a warranty or if they have thought about it. If so, we have a customer sales center that you would transfer your client to. You don’t have to do anything else. Our agents, who spend all day explaining and selling warranties all over the country, will walk them through the process. If your customer elects to purchase a warranty, AutoGard will pay your agency $250 for every sale completed. It’s that easy!

Why should my agency sell AutoGard?

48% of your customers purchase automobile warranties EVERYDAY!

Plus, agents will receive double their commission on the first deal they write!*


AutoGard Warranties Coverage and Benefits along with our superior pricing model will help your customers stay your customers.

Agency Value

Increase your agency’s value to your insured’s by adding an additional product line, and keep that valued relationship and revenue strong.


Your agency by offering a warranty product that your clients are currently purchasing elsewhere, and do it with better coverage and an even better price!


Increasing revenue is always good. It’s even better with a win-win for your customers. BONUS - Once your client purchases their first warranty, they will purchase one with every car they buy in the future. Future sales made today.

Outstanding Sales and Service Center, No Pressure Sales for your Customers

Why should my customers purchase an automobile warranty?

Your customer will see the benefits!

Wear and Tear

AutoGard Warranties INCLUDE Wear and Tear coverage - This is HUGE!

More than the rest

AutoGard Warranties Include Emergency Roadside Service, Rental Car Coverage

Any ASE Mechanic

AutoGard Warranties are accepted by ANY ASE licensed mechanic nationwide.


91% of all Vehicle Service Warranties will have claims filed against them.


0% Pre-Approved Financing


Add AutoGard’s High Tech Endorsement for today’s automobiles if desired.


AutoGard Warranty is backed by an A-Rated insurance company


Superior AutoGard pricing

Purchase through you

Your customers can purchase this product through you, their trusted advisor.

Remove financial hardship

AutoGard Warranties remove the financial hardship that an unexpected repair bill of $2,000 to $3,000 can bring.

About AutoGard

AutoGard is a vehicle service contract (extended warranty) provider created specifically for clients of insurance agents.  An affordable alternative to traditional service contracts through dealers, AutoGard provides stellar coverage and claims handling.

24-hour roadside assistance

Accepted at your dealership and by an ASE licensed mechanic

Coverage backed by an AM Best 'A' rated insurance company

0% interest preapproved to AutoGard clients

30 day money-back guarantee

Vehicle Service Contracts

Registration is simple and you’ll have access to AutoGard’s ecosystem for the low cost $99.

Agents will receive double commision on their first deal within the first 30 days! Simply notify AutoGard that the deal was made.

Why is AutoGard so inexpensive? Does it cover less than a dealership vehicle service contract?

The extended warranties and vehicle service contracts sold by dealerships are almost always marked up an extra $1000 or more, to make up for the lack of profit made by the dealership on the actual vehicle itself. The insured exclusionary contract used by AutoGard provides the best possible coverage available, exactly like the “platinum” coverage offered by dealerships. In short: We cost less because we skip the unnecessary dealership commission, while we cover the same or more than any other warranty on the market. AND, we don’t use hard sales tactics.

AutoGard vehicle services contracts extended warranties

How do I incorporate AutoGard into my Agency?

Four simple steps to success.

1. Enroll today

Simply click here to sign up and complete the registration page.  There is a $99 registration fee for all new agents. Within 48 hours you will receive your AutoGard agency number and you are all set.  Its that easy.


Also, agents will receive double commission on the first deal they write within the first 30 days! You must notify AutoGard that the deal was made to receive the doubled commission payment.

2. Have AutoGard quote your Automobile and the car of every employee

Why is this so important?  Simple, the real value is that AutoGard partnered its excellent Warranty product with APC Sales and Service center.  The Sales center is World Renowned and Industry leading in the Sales and Service of Automobile warranties, without high pressure.  Last year alone, the Sales Center sold more than 80,000 Warranties Nationwide to people who said no at the dealership.  It’s all in their Experience, Knowledge and Approach.  Hearing the call for yourself is paramount to the success of AutoGard in your agency.  Once you hear the professionalism, you and your staff will be sold on the benefits of offering the product and sales center to your customers on every call into your agency regarding an automobile change.

3. Share and review with your staff the Value of this product, the ease of its sale and the financial benefits to your agency and their potential bonuses.

Warranties make sense.  Very, very few people work on their own vehicles today.  Because of this they are dependent on repair shops.  With today’s vehicles, repair costs can quickly spiral out of sight.  An Excellent Automotive Warranty from AutoGard can remove that concern and risk on a covered loss.


The Benefits to your agency are many:  Happy Customers knowing they have properly managed that risk through the purchase of a Warranty.  Happy Customers when a repair is needed and the AutoGard Warranty performs as advertised.  Happy Customers that tell their friends and colleagues about how your agency took care of them, and the difference it made.  All of these opportunities contribute in raising the standing and perception of your agency as the Trusted Advisor in your community.  We have already seen it with other agencies, and the business grows through the many referrals that come from this.

4. Ask every customer on every car change.

Consistency is the key.  You and your staff need to remember that almost 1 out of every 2 people purchasing a car today will purchase an Extended Warranty.  Years and Years of data back that up.  Why not have your clients buy one of the best Warranties on the market, take care of your customers and claim the benefits of doing so.

Agents contracting with AutoGard have the ability to earn significant revenue.

Research shows 76% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Research also shows that 62% of Americans have less than $1,000.00 in savings and 21% don’t even have a savings account.


That being said, the average vehicle repair cost is between $2,500.00 and $3,000.00. Obviously, an unforeseen average vehicle repair cost could be devastating to the average American family.


AutoGard bridges that gap between price and trust.

Ready to offer AutoGard to your customers?

AutoGard is available in 47 states!